CANCELLED: Dickmoves, Sterling Bartlett X Nil Ultra Artshow

Even though he doesn’t play with us Sterling Bartlett is our band’s VIP, BMOC, he’s all right with me. He’s also our art director! Annnnnnnnnd he’s having a banger of an art show ON HIS BIRTHDAY — May 1st, 2010. Our big baby boy is turning 29 so let’s get into it.

Starts at 8, $5 to get in, full bar, first drink is on me (that is if you can catch me).

Eat my dust hosers!

A SHITTY UPDATE FROM THE MAN HIMSELF::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Super bummed, but I have to inform everyone that the Dick Moves show was postponed. Our venue had an emergency which could not be remedied in time for Saturday. I will keep everyone posted when the next event will be.

Sterling Bartlett

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