FRANKS WEST COAST TOUR RECAP PT. 2 – Mimi Graduates, Ron and Jean hit the road

Friday, 5/14 MIMI finally showed that she could walk the walk and did just that up to the podium to grab her degree from USC’s music school. Ron and I stood in the back, so proud, and then hit the road screaming for eugene OR’s blood — “WE’RE GOING TO FUCK YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!!”

safe, sound and swift, we arrived around midnight and hit the bars — max’s i see you!

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Last month Ron, Mimi and I packed up the prius and hit the I-5 freeway to play a string of shows with Shout Out Louds and Freelance Whales, attacking some of our hometowns in the great northwest and making it back down to our now-hometown in the wild wild SOCAL west. What will follow here and in many posts to come is a decent effort to recap the madcap adventure that was our first ever tour.

Leaving town wouldn’t have felt right if there hadn’t been a healthy dose of procrastination leading up to our departure, quickly followed by a mad rush to get everything in order. On Thursday, May 13th, Mimi and I scrambled to get our gear and merchandise in check. Mission obviously accomplished.

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Extra Extra, Read All About Us

Music Induced Euphoria: BAND OF THE WEEK, INTERVIEW

Dickies Sounds: Q&A


“Ron secretly pukes a lot”

Thanks to all those who have shown interest in the band. If YOU want to interview the Franks, email us HERE.

Stay tuned for a tour recap coming eventually… Sorry for the delay but my computer was stolen. But that’s enough for now.


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Beat Me Up Scotty

Oh my Got, Scott!

Our favorite sound guy Scott got beat up in Lisbon last night while on tour with No Age. WTF? From the sound of it, they didn’t want English (or Americans it seems) at the club.

Funny thing is minutes before, I’m sure, he had emailed me saying how great it was there: “beer costs about a dollar here and you can drink it in the street. thats true love.”


Well, we’ll be playing Scotty’s house this summer so get ready.


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frank o’hara: having a coke with you

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me and my girl

this came up onto my radar today. from said the gramophone one of the *sweetest* things ever, nice. posted in full cos its better:

Merci The Franks Merci

The Franks – “Health Sciences”

Me and my girl, we get along. We go to the supermarket and I go inside and get 5-minute pancake mix and she gets old produce out of the dumpster. We go driving and I read the map while she holds the solar panel. We play music and she plays the high notes and I play the low ones. We go dancing and she goes nuts and I sit on the stool in a pair of shitty sunglasses. We ride bikes and she scrapes a stick with one hand and I sing the anthem. We take a shower and she does all the hair and I do all the skin. We watch a movie and she does the lines while I strike the poses. Me and my girl, we get along.

The Franks – “Cough it Up”

My girl and me, we get along. She treats me right. She yells at me and calls me dumb and steals my money and uses my dishes and wears my clothes and loses my keys, but still I know she treats me right. ‘Cause when she holds my hand, she does this thing. She slides her palm down the inside of my arm, and her fingers slide along the inside of my hand and calls my fingers to hers like magnets. Our fingers match up like a mirror, you know, or like on a window when someone’s in prison, and then -click- they slide over one notch, you know? They click over and our fingers interlock and she wraps her fingers hard around my hand and squeezes our palms together and presses my hand against her jeans. It’s like, her hand can’t lie. You can’t fake that interlocking thing.

[Buy the *marvelous* Duh]

(image from a very baffling and compelling site)

also: M.I.A. has a new video, combining her consummate artistry with the startling talent of Romain-Gavras

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so that’s that. pretty good but it could use some rhythm. i can’t remember whether or not we were in that MIA video.

and Max Bergmann bought that *marvelous* Duh!

gnight said the microphone

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Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.

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CANCELLED: Dickmoves, Sterling Bartlett X Nil Ultra Artshow

Even though he doesn’t play with us Sterling Bartlett is our band’s VIP, BMOC, he’s all right with me. He’s also our art director! Annnnnnnnnd he’s having a banger of an art show ON HIS BIRTHDAY — May 1st, 2010. Our big baby boy is turning 29 so let’s get into it.

Starts at 8, $5 to get in, full bar, first drink is on me (that is if you can catch me).

Eat my dust hosers!

A SHITTY UPDATE FROM THE MAN HIMSELF::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Super bummed, but I have to inform everyone that the Dick Moves show was postponed. Our venue had an emergency which could not be remedied in time for Saturday. I will keep everyone posted when the next event will be.

Sterling Bartlett

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for all your packaging needs, moens i see you!

check out that break down at 1:14!

lolcatz and thanks to cameraman João Paulo Santos for making it all possible.

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Super Cool Weekend

A couple days of madness coming up this weekend.

First, Franks are playing a loft party in Lil’ Tokyo with our friends The Outline and Mini Mansions all for our dear, dear bombshell of a friend Laura Francis who will be turning 42 but won’t look a day past 19. It’s BYOB so BYOB. RSVP HERE!!! $5 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

AND THEN………………………………………………………………………………………

ON saturday we’re playing the SPREAD in Sun Valley in THE VALLEY again with our boys The Outline and other doods The Damn Sons and Veil Era. There’s a good chance we’ll be recording this for an upcoming live release soooooooo come on out and party hard, sing along and channel your depression into rage! :) you can rsvp for that HERE

In case you were all, where the hell is sun valley? it’s here:



questions? email me here

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