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flashing lights


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devil’s ball

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astro zombies

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Driving to ring and run on the door of a spoooooooooky house

Savage County Teaser Trailer from Savage County on Vimeo.

We win again, s-u-c-c-e-s-s!

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what I did this weekenddd

I’m still recovering, but real quick this is what happened during the best weekend ever:

Friday night I fell asleep/passed out in the backseat of Eli Gunn-Jones‘ car while the gang partied on through the night. A case of too much too soon, I guess. Plus I’m still jet lagged.

Saturday we finished a new song — the best song yet, by anyone ever.

And then we went to our friend Dakota’s birthday party in BEVERLY HILLS where there were burgers and beers and a swimming pool and the most expensive private art collection I’ve ever sat on.

And then we went to see Where the Wild Things Are, which put everyone in a major depression.

And then we went to see The Pogues at Club Nokia. Here’s where it really gets good: They gave The Franks a shout out before “Turkish Song of the Damned.” After the show Spider Stacey promised to be our new manager and make us tons of money so long as he gets 2 percent and the exclusive right to sort through our trash bins. We signed in blood.

A little light headed we stole beer and Ron took a pack of cigarettes from their dressing room and we hit the road to some party in Echo Park. We drank our stolen beers while Ronny was rich with cigarettes, passing them out like gold. He successfully got an entire circle of non-chain smokers (Mimi and Mickey excluded) to smoke his death sticks while he just sat there, tobacco-free, with the ultimate smirk on his hideous face. What a punk.

Most of the party went home but Mimi, myself and a few compadres were not satisfied with a 3 a.m. bedtime so we went to the weirdest after hours party ever. It was a freak show. Druggies, drunks, he-shes, she-hes, blacks, whites, gays, and anybody else who didn’t want to go home was there. With the only common thread between us being that we want to stay out late, you’re bound to encounter some real weirdos.

Waiting in line for the bathroom for far too long, eventually a couple emerged — a woman first, who rubbed her crotch and bit her lip sensually; and then a guy who, surveying the room, grabbed his crotch and declared, “Yeah, that was me,” as he walked out of the waiting room. The bathroom stank like ugly person sex after that. But when I finally relieved myself and walked back into the party, sure as hell, there he was, the nasty sex dude, cuffed by security being violently escorted out. Turns out he had gotten into a fight and tore down some fencing or something like that. How does a guy go from fucking in the toilet to fighting so quickly?

Apparently if you want to have an after hours party you just need to follow some simple rules:
- put a sign on your front door that says “Private Party” and encourage patrons to enter through the rear.
- hire security to rough everyone and anyone up.
- charge an $8 entrance fee and then $3 for beers (it’s a racket).
- post an invite to craigslist that is sure to entice the most freaky of freaks. word of mouth works too.
- use everyday tents, lights, projectors, and a stereo system to turn your backyard into a zoo.

Ummmm… yeah, it was weird and I’m never going back.

This could have been me!

Sunday was a blur, which means I didn’t do anything but talk to Ron about feelings, make Mexican pie for dinner and fall asleep watching Ronin.

The End. We rule. It’s Tuesday and I’m bored.

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The Wonders of Craigslist: $200 / 1br – BDSM sub–cheap rent (Echo Park)

Ummmmm, the price is right and I think I just got a boner in my bored shorts. But he/she just totally stole that photo from Craigslist! That’s something I cannot respect. Boner gone.

$200 / 1br – BDSM sub–cheap rent (Echo Park)

Date: 2009-10-09, 11:48AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Want to live in Echo Park– in a nice safe apt for only $2oo a month?

You don’t have to sleep with me– but you will have to be a submissive– meaning– I will “top” you and we can discuss those details.


So there you have it.

…and guess what– I won’t respond without a phone number to call you.
I need to know you are serious and not wasting my time–

State your limits and types of play you get into.

I’m not gonna suspend you or do anything potentially harmful.

  • cats are OK – purrr
  • dogs are OK – wooof
  • Location: Echo Park
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1413960553-0

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I can only imagine it now…………….

like this:

or this:

or this:

or this (wait for the payoff at the end):

Frankies, what’s your favorite spanking video??????????????????????????????

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The Wonders of Craigslist: Instant Relationship?All the Benefits/None of the Drama

Due to Philip Markoff’s alleged murder of a woman who posted ads to Craigslist’s erotic encounters section, the site has take that portion down. So long sexcapades!

Somewhat related, somewhat not (you be the judge), I recently found this post while house-hunting. It’s genius in its sleaze and my girlfriend assures me he’ll find at least one “absolutely drop dead gorgeous” girl to help fill his one-bedroom apartment. Honestly, if this guy is half the catch he claims to be I think I’d do it too.

Here’s the post all the way through:

1br – Instant Relationship?All the Benefits/None of the Drama (Beverly Hills) (map)

Date: 2009-10-03, 6:07PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Here, let’s both try something incredibly different.

I am looking for someone that is extraordinary in every way that wants to live rent free and pursue the most incredible, amazing relationship that is inspiring, motivating and empowering. I am seeking a model, actress, artist type (even if you don’t aspire to be such professionally). Obviously I am a male heterosexual, so if you’re a gay guy or a lesbian, this wouldn’t be the right opportunity for you!!! Just thought I’d put that out there!!! I happen to l like a girl that has style, class, creativity, talent, drive, ambition, inspiration, which is why I gravitate towards this type of girl. When it comes to looks, anyone that denies that physical attraction isn’t one of the main keys to a relationship is doing nothing but lying to themselves, or just simply isn’t attractive to begin with and doesn’t know the difference because they’ve never dated someone of such a caliber. I don’t lie to myself and I am a good looking guy, and as such, I am only interested in dating a girl that is absolutely drop dead gorgeous on the INSIDE as well as the out. If you truly are that type, chances are… this is your story: Here is the basic premise:

Chances are… you have pursued many attempts at a relationship… and you’ve burned out and tired of drama in your life or relationships. Your stunning looks alone get you more attention and opportunities than you know what to do with, but you are always sought out by those who have no integrity or no depth of character and you end up with one dead end experience after another. You wonder where on earth is a single guy like me, someone that has the all around capacity as a person and possessed the depth of character and range of a human being to be everything you want and need in a significant other. Someone you can truly grow with instead of grow away from. I am that guy, if you are that girl…

Wouldn’t you just like to take a breath and have something that works effortlessly without demands, expectations, excuses or issues for once in your life?

So here is a completely different approach to life as we both know it.

I for the life of me, can’t find you. You can’t find me. I don’t run around hitting on every girl playing a numbers game like some idiot at a meat market. That’s probably one key reason why we never meet. You’ll smile at me and i’ll smile at you as we pass in the grocery store, but I rarely if ever approach the girl who innately embodies the tangible aura I gravitate towards. When I do, it always turns out she is in a relationship. :(

So…. you’re looking for a new place to live right now and that is how we have come to meet. Maybe you don’t live here, maybe you already do… maybe you’re someone who wants to move to Hollywood, or is planning on moving to LA or wants to move to LA to chase your wildest dreams because you believe you have the “IT” factor that it takes to actually achieve them and perhaps you want a permanent or maybe even just want a temporary situation without all the demands, expectations, drama or challenges of trying to make a life changing move and avoid all the exorbitant expenses associated with such a monumental change? Perhaps you already live here and are just looking for an instant change in everything in their life. Perhaps you’re a foreigner traveling throughout the USA and you just need or want a place to stay for a short while and experience things stress free/hassle free?

Perhaps we might have a mutually desirable instance on our hands and we can test the hands of fate without the expectations or demands typically associated with the dating game that cause them to never take flight.

Me, I am insanely busy, got a lot of things going on in my life and all of my wildest dreams are coming true, however they require an enormous amount of time and personal sacrifice that leads me to the realities that:
a) don’t have time to date
b) don’t have the desire to go girlfriend shopping and beside, that’s not my style…
c) don’t have the time to do all the small things that keep my world running smoothly
d) enjoy the company, reliability and accountability of someone that is a responsible person.

I am no ordinary guy. Actually, I’m young, successful and very talented, outgoing, intelligent, good looking, tall, handsome, all american caucasian guy and have the world in the palm of my hands all things considered.

I am looking for someone that is an extraordinary person. Obviously it starts with someone that is as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.
Someone with a brain, some house hold skills (likes to cook, keeps her space immaculate), self disciplined, reliable, accountable and has obvious personal and self starting initiatives.

If I could script out what I think would be the perfect situation it would be this:

a) An instantaneous relationship based solely on chemistry. I have the semi hots for you you have the semi hots for me or whatever degree it magnifies itself to.
b) All the benefits of a real relationship, without any of the expectations, demands, wants, needs or worries.- i let you be you, you let me be me
c) It lasts as long as it’s mutually beneficial to both parties with out any termination clauses needing to be enforced
d) You get to live for free, no expenses in food, rent, utilities, or basic wants or needs. If you’re all that and a bag of chips, chances are pretty high that I’ll spoil you rotten. take you shopping, buy you clothes, hair, nails, spa treatments, etc., because that’s very important to me, to make sure the one I am seeing is very happy. you’ll have an enormous amount of free time to do whatever you want, whenever you want, because money shouldn’t be much of an issue for you because of me.
e) You find where you want to live or move to or build your career or whatever it is that brings you to LA, be it acting, modeling, singing, or just flat out vacation and you’ll have the freedom in time and energy to pursue keeping yourself beautiful and running off to random drop everything now auditions.
f) You help me with the daily things that keep my life running smoothly maybe you’ll cook from time to time, keep the place spic and span, run errands, grocery shopping, filing, small stuff that helps out.
g) You treat me with kindness, respect, honor, dignity and integrity
h) It ends when it no longer benefits either one of us or makes the other happy or that we’ve found other things that permanently satisfy our long term goals.

My free time is just at an absolute premium. Beyond the basics of dating…I have other basic needs in life. I would love to give my free time, energy and gifts of who I am to someone I adore, if I could only find someone to adore.

About me, I’ve got things that are going on internationally and they take me traveling around the world. Lots of amazing incredible business ventures and expansions going on. If you are a good business person, have sales, marketing, promotion and entrepreneurial skills, you are more than welcome to actually work with me and run a division or two. You can travel with me, when I go on business or when I go for fun. I have a great life.

Really, it’s a dream situation. I live in a gorgeous place, have impeccable taste, style, savvy, attention to detail and definitely have my shit together. I live in the absolutely heart of downtown Beverly Hills, just a few blocks off of the world famous Rodeo Drive. I am 100% central to everything, you can walk to every agency in town, CAA. WMA, Gersh, you name it. I’m only minutes to the studios, Hollywood and the valley.

If you are going to write me, be serious. This is not some stupid ad posting. It’s real, it’s serious. Seriously, if you can’t write me something of substance, show some depth of character, tell me what motivates you to write to me and what your wish list is. I can not stress this enough, you can’t even reach down to this lowest common denominator, you are NOT for me, i don’t care how pretty you are, or how good in bed your are or any of those things. You must be someone that is evolved and has a state of consciousness about themselves, aware of themselves as much as they are aware of the world. I will return the same. You must also send me at least two pics. Do not send me a pic that I can’t see, make out or some silly headshot. I’m not into bobbleheads. You must be fit, in great shape and love sports or yoga or running or things that keep you in great shape. All of this should be enough to weed out 99% of the people that are just not right for me or this concept. Life is too short for anything less than this. If you got this far, then you actually read this. I can not even begin to tell you how many guys have replied to this ad. Clearly they are idiots who can’t read!!! LOL Hope you’re a female having a wonderful day and if you’re a guy, you are a loser for reading this far! LOL

Rodeo Dr at Wilshire Blvd (google map) (yahoo map)

  • Location: Beverly Hills
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1405226463-0

PostingID: 1405226463

That last part really hurts but I only read that far because I’m interested and if that makes me a loser then a loser I am!!!! If I could script out what I think would be the perfect situation it would be this:

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Government Center

…oh yeah, and I’ve decided to give the Internet another go. THANKS GIRLS!

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Note to self…

…never use the internet again.

stonedvisionbros has sent you a message:

ummm im friends with fritz i was giving advice and im not a nerd you faggot im my towns best fucking defensive play in football so u need to stop just because u think ur cool u think everyone on the computer is a nerd SHUT THE FUCK UP
You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

Picture 1

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Ron Ray Gunn becomes Uncle #1


Our boy Ronnie is all grown up with a baby of his sister’s own. Congrats doooooood, he has your eyes!

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