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cowabunga drugs

joey’s kind of a dork too. they’re all dorks. except for michelangelo, the party dude.

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Burnt Out

It’s been at least 10 days since I last had a day of complete sobriety–no drinks, no smoke. That was the life. Now I wake up every morning feeling worse than the day before. I have zits on my face and battle with loneliness and a feeling of maladjustment when I’m without drugs and/or alcohol.  Sorry me, Mom and Dad.

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take a puff

pass the grass you ass

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Drugs + ??? = Smart Guy

How the hell did this kid get so smart?

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U.S.A., C.I.A., L.S.D.


Did the CIA test LSD on unsuspecting Americans? Yes.

P.S. These guys are pretty dorky but also sound like a lot of fun.

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