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last night @ echoplex, wavves, best coast, mishka, frankie <3

for the opening of Mishka‘s LA store we played at the echoplex with Wavves and Best Coast and DJs 12th Planet, Franki Chan and Killing Spree. Andy Milonakis was there too, “hosting,” which really meant rapping for 20 minutes or so… he’s a nice guy though, so we won’t hold it against him.

so, ummm, what was it like?

good, good…

thanks to everyone that came out for les frankies. merci beaucoup.

fuck that guy who was heckling mimi and then best coast. assholes like him who marginalize by objectifying girl musicians should not be tolerated. THERE’S NO ROOM FOR YOU IN OUR UTOPIA MAN!


here’s some video from our set:

also best coast did a pretty good cover of leslie gore’s “that’s the way boys are”. i’m into her being into early ’60s pop so. but not like that.

and frankie chan was there, doing his thing, so i took the opportunity to weird him out a bit, telling him he was a major inspiration for the band name. and then almost before he could say, “no way,” i showed him my tattoo, saying, “i’m really into you.”

“oh, he’s a fanboy,” his female friend said with both affection and mock but by then i had already handed frankie a sticker and was walking away. i turned back, he was focused on the sticker, but she was looking at me so i whispered that i was kidding. i was kidding.

freaking out the squares, one dj at a time

i also told wavves i thought he looked like our stickers, kind of. he might have been flattered but probably just weirded out by the tongue and all that slobber. again, freaking out the squares.


our next show, i think, is an instore at origami records on 3/13. see you there

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