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check out the website redesign by our very own ronnie ray gun, it’s soooo good.

p.s. if anyone knows where one can find a hamster dance .gif, please let me know.

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remembering a very frank halloween

boys and gouls, we drank drinks, dressed up, saw the dirty projectors, danced, sang, made with the merriment and passed out @mollymankiewicz‘s parents house before playing some raucous softball nov. the 1st. here’s to us!

see the whole roll HERE

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what I did this weekenddd

I’m still recovering, but real quick this is what happened during the best weekend ever:

Friday night I fell asleep/passed out in the backseat of Eli Gunn-Jones‘ car while the gang partied on through the night. A case of too much too soon, I guess. Plus I’m still jet lagged.

Saturday we finished a new song — the best song yet, by anyone ever.

And then we went to our friend Dakota’s birthday party in BEVERLY HILLS where there were burgers and beers and a swimming pool and the most expensive private art collection I’ve ever sat on.

And then we went to see Where the Wild Things Are, which put everyone in a major depression.

And then we went to see The Pogues at Club Nokia. Here’s where it really gets good: They gave The Franks a shout out before “Turkish Song of the Damned.” After the show Spider Stacey promised to be our new manager and make us tons of money so long as he gets 2 percent and the exclusive right to sort through our trash bins. We signed in blood.

A little light headed we stole beer and Ron took a pack of cigarettes from their dressing room and we hit the road to some party in Echo Park. We drank our stolen beers while Ronny was rich with cigarettes, passing them out like gold. He successfully got an entire circle of non-chain smokers (Mimi and Mickey excluded) to smoke his death sticks while he just sat there, tobacco-free, with the ultimate smirk on his hideous face. What a punk.

Most of the party went home but Mimi, myself and a few compadres were not satisfied with a 3 a.m. bedtime so we went to the weirdest after hours party ever. It was a freak show. Druggies, drunks, he-shes, she-hes, blacks, whites, gays, and anybody else who didn’t want to go home was there. With the only common thread between us being that we want to stay out late, you’re bound to encounter some real weirdos.

Waiting in line for the bathroom for far too long, eventually a couple emerged — a woman first, who rubbed her crotch and bit her lip sensually; and then a guy who, surveying the room, grabbed his crotch and declared, “Yeah, that was me,” as he walked out of the waiting room. The bathroom stank like ugly person sex after that. But when I finally relieved myself and walked back into the party, sure as hell, there he was, the nasty sex dude, cuffed by security being violently escorted out. Turns out he had gotten into a fight and tore down some fencing or something like that. How does a guy go from fucking in the toilet to fighting so quickly?

Apparently if you want to have an after hours party you just need to follow some simple rules:
- put a sign on your front door that says “Private Party” and encourage patrons to enter through the rear.
- hire security to rough everyone and anyone up.
- charge an $8 entrance fee and then $3 for beers (it’s a racket).
- post an invite to craigslist that is sure to entice the most freaky of freaks. word of mouth works too.
- use everyday tents, lights, projectors, and a stereo system to turn your backyard into a zoo.

Ummmm… yeah, it was weird and I’m never going back.

This could have been me!

Sunday was a blur, which means I didn’t do anything but talk to Ron about feelings, make Mexican pie for dinner and fall asleep watching Ronin.

The End. We rule. It’s Tuesday and I’m bored.

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