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me and my girl

this came up onto my radar today. from said the gramophone one of the *sweetest* things ever, nice. posted in full cos its better:

Merci The Franks Merci

The Franks – “Health Sciences”

Me and my girl, we get along. We go to the supermarket and I go inside and get 5-minute pancake mix and she gets old produce out of the dumpster. We go driving and I read the map while she holds the solar panel. We play music and she plays the high notes and I play the low ones. We go dancing and she goes nuts and I sit on the stool in a pair of shitty sunglasses. We ride bikes and she scrapes a stick with one hand and I sing the anthem. We take a shower and she does all the hair and I do all the skin. We watch a movie and she does the lines while I strike the poses. Me and my girl, we get along.

The Franks – “Cough it Up”

My girl and me, we get along. She treats me right. She yells at me and calls me dumb and steals my money and uses my dishes and wears my clothes and loses my keys, but still I know she treats me right. ‘Cause when she holds my hand, she does this thing. She slides her palm down the inside of my arm, and her fingers slide along the inside of my hand and calls my fingers to hers like magnets. Our fingers match up like a mirror, you know, or like on a window when someone’s in prison, and then -click- they slide over one notch, you know? They click over and our fingers interlock and she wraps her fingers hard around my hand and squeezes our palms together and presses my hand against her jeans. It’s like, her hand can’t lie. You can’t fake that interlocking thing.

[Buy the *marvelous* Duh]

(image from a very baffling and compelling site)

also: M.I.A. has a new video, combining her consummate artistry with the startling talent of Romain-Gavras

Posted by Dan at May 11, 2010 1:53 AM

so that’s that. pretty good but it could use some rhythm. i can’t remember whether or not we were in that MIA video.

and Max Bergmann bought that *marvelous* Duh!

gnight said the microphone

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